Hotel and Kitchen Equipments


Toaster (Double)

220V 50 Hz energy. Capable for operation as a grill. Hygienic and safe. Stainless steel body...

Undercounter Type Dishwasher

Drainage pump : Standart. Programme options: 90O,-120O,-180O C seconds. Motor Power:0.55 kw 2800 rpm. Total Power:6 kw 220 V Tank heating power:2.5 kw Rinse boiler heating:3 kw Stainless steel resistance. Maximum plate diameter:320 mm Water consumption: 2.5 lt/time. Magnetic security switch. Programme continues the process by closing of the door. F..

USP 85


Vacum Machine

220 V. 50 Hz electric connection. Interior Reservoir: 280x385x50 mm Vacuuming Area : 250 mm Seal surface: 260x8 mm Pump capacity: 10m3/h Translucent top cover. Automatic control. Stainless steel body...

Vegetable Cutter + Bottom Stand

EMP.300 Motor power:0.55 Kw 1400 rpm -220 V Stainless steel blades. Blades can be easily removed for cleaning. Safety switch. Stainless steel body...

Waffel Maker - Waffelino

220 V 50 Hz. energy. Functionel design. Stainlees steel...

Wall Mounted Pre-washing Unit

Spotless washing. Controlled pressure system. Durable structure...
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